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WWE TLC 2017 Results

Sasha Banks def. Alicia Fox (WWE TLC Kick Off Match)


WWE TLC kicks off with Sasha vs Alicia and this match went just as I predicted. There were a few good spots and some bad falls and slams by Sasha Banks. Alicia went full on psychopath during the match, kicking off at the referee multiple times. Sasha got Alicia in the Bank Statement for the tapout victory.

Asuka def. Emma

Another match exactly as I predicted. Though Asuka took more bumps than I expected and Emma seemed to dominate her more than she should but overall a fair debut. It could of been better. Her entrance was amazing though. Asuka won by the Asuka lock.

Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann vs. Jack Gallagher & Brian Kendrick


A standard high flying 205 Live match up. The best part of the match was certainly Cedric Alexander’s crazy suicide flip to the outside.

Cedric picked up the win for the team with a Lumbar Check. Exactly as predicted…that’s 3-0 for me.

Alexa Bliss def. Mickie James to retain Raw Women’s Championship

This one I didn’t predict correctly, although Mickie looked really impressive, Mickie made some mistakes in the match which came back to haunt her and this lead to Alexa picking up the win. I’m not sure whats next for Mickie James as I thought this would be one last title reign. In the post-match interview she was very emotional and said that she would be back. Still 3-1 on predictions.

Enzo Amore def. Kalisto to become NEW Cruiserweight Champion

As I thought, Enzo picked up another dirty title win to secure his heel status with a poke to the eye followed by a ‘JawdunZo’ which is basically an Eat Defeat. Although I thought his new ‘friends’ would get involved it was the same principle as Enzo was not ment to lose in the first place.

Love or hate Enzo, he is very creative. With a football punt and a Baseball pitch/punch. That’s 4 and 1 for me.

Demon Finn Balor def. AJ Styles

What a great match! Even though this was supposed to be Demon vs Sister Abigail the match brought fans out their seats and this was definitely a tough 1 to follow. Due to a viral infection, reportedly viral meningitis, Bray Wyatt was unable to compete. But filling in was the Phenomenal One, AJ Styles, in a never before seen match. Everything about this match was amazing. From fighting over the announce table to flips and high flying.

With my predictions in mind this one needs to be stricken from the record as I predicted Sister Abigail to win but he didn’t compete. Finn Balor wins by a Coup de grace.

After the match they both shook hands and gave each other a ‘Too Sweet’. This gave me goosebumps on what we can see from these in the future. Teaming up? Rivalry? Who knows!?

Jason Jordan def. Elias Samson

This wasn’t a planned match on the card but became an impromptu match after Elias tried to sing a song 3 times during the PPV.

Jason Jordan had words with Elias on the kick off show and Elias gave him some words of his own which Jordan took a disliking to. Jordan came out during each time he tried to sing throwing vegetables at him. Very funny!

The end of the match was controversial as Jordan won by roll up but Elias’ shoulder was up so expect to see more from this on Raw tonight!

Kurt Angle & The Shield def. The Miz, The Bar, Braun Strowman & Kane (3-on-5 Handicap TLC Match)

With Roman Reigns out with the viral infection hitting Bo Dallas, Bray Wyatt and Jojo also. Kurt Angle enters himself as a replacement for this match.

This match was an all-out war between the 2 teams. On entrance Kurt Angle came out through the crowd in Shield riot gear. In my opinion Kurt Angle look like he was showing his age and didn’t wrestle the whole match.

Mid match Braun Strowman power-slammed Kurt through a table resulting in Kurt being carried out by EMT’s. Leaving Ambrose & Rollins outnumbered 2-5.

However during the match Kane swung a chair, missed, and hit Braun in the back resulting in Braun retaliating pushing Kane to the ground. After a few brawls Seth & Dean set both Kane & Braun on the announce tables ringside, both diving off ladders plunging through the tables and the 2 behemoths leaving them motionless for a good amount of time.

When they were fighting on the ramp Miz brought out a garbage truck after earlier saying he’s going to put them out like trash. Seth & Ambrose fought off them putting them into the truck.

After this Braun pushing Kane came back to haunt him and Kane chokeslam Braun right though the stage. Braun appeared to be getting up from it so Kane pulled down multiple chair down on Braun. Eventually Braun got up again and attack all the other 4 members of the team. However they all got the better of him throwing him in the garabage truck and pulled the lever to seemingly crush Braun in there.

It’s now 2 on 4 but still Dean & Seth are getting pummelled and seemingly about to lose but them Kurt Angles music hits and he start walking down to the ring. He throws Cesaro over his shoulder. Angle Slams Sheamus and them Angle Slams Cesaro through a table.

Miz then blindsides Kurt Angle with a Skull Crushing Finale, Angle kicks out, they then hit Miz with an ‘Olympic’ Shield Bomb for the win. Brilliant match.

That leaves my predictions 5-1 after the Shields victory. Good result!

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