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WWE Raw Results – 30th October 2017 – Braun Returns, Daniel Bryan and More…

WWE Raw Kicks Off

WWE Raw kicks off with Kurt Angle in the ring and the whole roster on the stage. Kurt goes on to talk about the previous weeks ‘seige’ by Shane McMahon and the Smackdown Live roster. He makes a state to say that he blames himself and was blinded by Shane’s friendship and Shane took it too far. He put the whole roster in danger and it won’t happen again.

Stephanie McMahon’s comments

Stephanie McMahon’s music hits and she comes out upbeat saying that isn’t the way to start of Raw. She then shouts ‘Welcome to Monday Night Raw’. There was then an announcement that there is a 25th anniversary of WWE Raw on 22nd January.

After that announcement she congratulates Kurt on the job he’s done on Raw. Praises praises him on stepping up at TLC and he has earned her respect. ‘Until last week’ she’s adds referring to allowing Shane to put WWE Raw #underseige. Kurt starts to make excuses but is cut off by Stephanie saying Shane shallow and manipulative. She explains attacking Raw makes Shane feels better after he couldn’t get the job done against Kevin Owens at TLC.

Stephanie then gets angry against Kurt calling him incompetent and follows up making Kurt captain for Survivor Series. If Kurt doesn’t perform well his job is on the line.

Later on Stephanie and Kurt are in the parking lot. Kurt apologises to Stephanie, in which she replies she means it and to ask Mick Foley who was fired earlier in the year.

Mizterage Arrives, Bo Dallas Returns

Miz turns up full of himself and is greeted my Kurt who is in a mood already. Kurt annoyed that Miz is late, Miz annoyed Kurt has been made captain. After a few words Kurt orders an Intercontinental Title match tonight with a surprise opponent.

Bo dallas is back now from his viral infection so we should see the return of Roman Reigns & Bray Wyatt very soon.

Nia Jaxx def. Bayley

Nia wins by spear then leg drop for the pinfall victory. After the match Alicia comes out being mental dressed as sailor/captain. Names Nia as her first pick.

Samoa Joe Returns

As Alicia and Nia were walking back up the ramp Samoa Joe’s music hits, he returns for the first since Summerslam.

He starts off to say ‘Missed me?’ but then follows up by saying he hasnt missed the WWE universe. Says they don’t care about him so he doesn’t care about them.

Claiming their disrespect is his fuel.

Samoa Joe def. Apollo Crews

Joe wins by Uranage followed by a Coquina Clutch and Crews taps out.

After the match Titus O’Neil confronts him. Joe pretends to leave the ring then Coquina Clutches him when turns his back. Chokes him out and leaves him in the ring. Going to guess it’s going to be Titus vs Joe next week.

Shawn Michaels, Undertaker (rumoured) and Kevin Nash announced for 22nd January for the 25th Anniversary of WWE Raw.

Miz w/ Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas def. Matt Hardy to retain the Intercontinental Championship

Alexa & Kurt Backstage

Alexa and Kurt congratulates Kurt on his captaincy for Survivor Series and offers her support and also offers ‘help’. She goes on to say it is ‘best for business’ if Mickie James was out of Raw and replaced with one of the Mae Young classic women. She then goes on to say Kurt may as well dig up Mae Young herself and she would be better.  Kurt still in a mood, and her comment angers him somewhat also, makes Mickie vs Alexa for the title later that night.

Asuka def. Stacie Cullen (Jobber) within a few minutes

Kurt & Daniel Bryan

Kurt appears staring at his phone, gets a text, then goes mental down radio. Saying ‘they are here, they are here!’. Daniel Bryan appears. He explains that he is alone, Shane doesn’t know he’s there and didn’t know about the siege. Kurt sends a message back with Bryan that he’s going to bring the roster and take Shane out. Kurt leaves. Daniel Bryan is then backstage on the phone when the lights go out and realises he’s locked in Kurt’s office. Kane grabs him by the throat, out of the blue, and there’s a big crash.

Balor def. Cesaro

A good 10, plus, minute match. Finn wins with a coup de grace to the back of the neck which looked brutal. As Finn makes his way to the back, Kane attacks him on the stage for revenge from last week and tombstones him. He then heads to the ring for his match.

Kane def. Seth Rollins

The bar are at ringside for this match and towards the end interfere attacking Dean Ambrose at ringside.  Seth comes to his aid and fights them off but then goes back to ring to meet a chokeslam followed by a 3 count for a Kane victory. Kane goes to attack Rollins after the match but Ambrose runs in a hits Dirty Deeds. Kane sits up pretty quickly and The Bar then enter the ring and all 3 attack Dean Ambrose finishing him off with a Tombstone. Seth covers Dean to stop them from attacking him but his efforts result in another Tombstone

Backstage scene shows Daniel Bryan being stretchered out with a neckbrace on

Mizterage backstage

The Mizterage go into their locker room. Miz all of a sudden smells something. Big bag of garbage in middle of the room and Miz thinks Braun is here and starts looking rather worried.

Miz starts sucking up to Kane talking about Braun Strowman and how Kane through him into the garbage truck. However Kane claimed he only helped them to take him to the truck and it was Miz’s idea. Miz starts talking about them being a team but Kane says ‘you’re on your own’.

Beauty & the Man-Beast (Rhyno/Heath Slater) def. Trick or Street Fight. Good Brothers (Karl Anderson/Luke Gallows)

Rhyno & Slater were dressed as Mr & Mrs Claus and the Good Brothers as Tex Ferguson and Chad 2 Badd (Their Southpaw Wrestling Characters). Rhyno wins by putting Anderson through a table.

Miz/The Bar Backstage

Miz is getting increasingly worried. The Bar try and calm him down. Similar to the conversation with Kane, he talked about them being a team, to get the same response, ‘you’re on your own’. He then gets on the phone and says hes leaving.

Elias Samson

Samson comes out with a new guitar. Elias does his usual introduction stuff and goes on to talking about what he did to Jason Jordan last week, smashing his old guitar over him. He starts singing ‘The Ballad of Jason Jordan’ until he’s interrupted by Jordan looking very angry. Jordan runs at Elias and they fight for a while until Elias retreats leaving his guitar behind. Jordan smashes up his new guitar against the turnbuckle and throws it at him.

Mizterage backstage leaving the arena. Kurt has a go at him for leaving early saying he has to stay or else.

Kalisto def. Gulak w/Enzo Amore

Gulak is in ring talking about the Kurt Angle’s 3 i’s (Intensity, Integrity & Intelligence). Boos throughout the arena. Gulak says about a 4th i. ‘Incompetence’. Enzo starts talking and he starts by saying Kalisto isn’t getting his title back ever. Gulak then ends it by saying ‘there’s only 1 word to describe you! (Kalisto) S O F T. SOFT! Spells out soft properly like a (quote the good brothers) NERDDDDD.

Kalisto comes out for the match. Kalisto wins after Enzo attacks him after a few minutes ending in disqualification.

Mizterage in the locker room and Miz is on the phone saying to the driver to get the limo started and as soon as shows over hes off.

Alexa Bliss def. Mickie James

Alexa wins by a right hand after about 10 minutes. Poor ending to the match really.

Return of Braun Strowman

Mizterage trying to escape as show is finishing. Packing limo and get in the limo and it starts going. Then a little later a garbage truck is in the way. It opens up and Braun Strowman comes out of it. Mizterage tries to run away out onto the stage area closely followed by Braun. Axel & Bo attack him and are quickly swatted off. Braun attacks The Miz  and continue to rip the top off the announce table along with the monitors. Axel & Dallas try attacking again but Braun throws them both down the ramp, followed by the Miz.

Braun then throws Miz into the ring. Axel tries to attack again and is quickly taken down followed by Bo who was also taking down. Braun then tries to powerslam the Miz but he manages to escape. So he powerslams Axel instead. The crowd then chants ‘1 more time, 1 more time’. So then Braun powerslams Axel again. They chant again. So he does it again. This is clearly a face push for Braun Strowman. Then Braun give Axel a 4th powerslam and throws Axel out the ring. Braun gets out of the ring and carries Axel up the ramp then smashes him through the announce table as Raw goes off the air..

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