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WWE Raw Results & Review – Kane Returns, Cringey Music, Enzo’s New Friends

WWE Raw starts off by Kurt Angle coming down to the ring. Then the Shields music hits and they come down via the crowd in their signature entrance and S.W.A.T gear.

Words were exchanged and The Bar, Miz and Braun make their way to the stage. Kurt quickly puts a stop to it. It is soon revealed that Roman Reigns will go up against Braun Strowman in a steel cage later tonight.

Jason Jordan, Titus O’Neill & Apollo Crews def. Anderson, Gallows & Elias Samson

It starts with Elias, Anderson & Gallows in the ring about to sing a song in the most cringe worthy warm up of vocal chords in the history of our sport. They then proceed to continue with the cringe and sing Honky Tonk Man. They then move onto a verse of ‘Jason is a nerd’ which was then interrupted by Titus, Crews & Jordan.

Crews wins the match by pin fall after a sit down powerbomb.

wwe raw

Emma Promo

Here starts a promo with Emma, which she is there wondering why the attention isn’t on her. Claiming again that she is the founder of the Women’s ‘Evolution’. BOTCH ALERT. She is quickly corrected by Renee Young. Alexa Bliss joins the interview agreeing with her and suggesting to team up that night, also correcting that she started the Women’s ‘Revolution’.

Cedric Alexander def. Jack Gallagher

Gentleman Jack seems to be now referred to as Jack ‘The Ripper’ Gallagher. Rich Swann is in the corner of Alexander and Brian Kendrick in the corner of Jack the Ripper.

Cedric Alexander wins by pinfall.

Mizterage and The Bar Promo

Miz, Curtis Axel & The Bar are in the ring and it seems Curtis Axel is getting a pop in the crowd for some reason.

It is revealed that The Bar will get a Raw Tag Team Championship rematch on WWE Raw tonight.

Cesaro speaks and it’s hard to understand with his gum shield in. Was quick amusing.

Sheamus then speaks and is drowned by a ‘You look stupid’ chant.

Miz announces he would do anything for Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas, The Bar and Braun Strowman who makes his way to the ring. Braun says he would break the Shield tonight for putting him through the announce table last week.

Miz tries to announce that there will be a fifth member against the Shield at TLC. Kurt comes out and says he didn’t agree to a fifth member. Miz argues his case but Kurt tells him to ‘shut the hell up’ but then goes on to say…if Braun wins tonight against Reigns then they can have a fifth member but if he loses it goes back to 3 and loses Braun as a partner. Everyone is also banned from ringside for both matches tonight.

wwe raw

Sasha Banks def. Alicia Fox

Clearly just a filler match as nothing happened. Just a tap out victory by the Boss. However mental Alicia Fox kicked off a bit after the match shouting rematch.


Alicia attacks Sasha backstage saying, ‘you will learn to respect me’. She then pushes a referee.

Enzo Amore Promo


Enzo comes out saying he hears some boos out there and says, ‘Where’s my Boo?’ referring to the Cruiserweight title. He claims he was robbed when he was thrown into a lumberjack match.

Kalisto comes out. Second BOTCH ALERT, Kalisto said that ‘you can make all the excuses but it won’t stop me walking out, NEW Cruiserweight Champion’. He’s already the champion. Clearly because plans were changed, after the Neville Situation, no one gave him a new script.

wwe raw

Then Tony Nese, Drew Gulak, Noam Dar & Ariya Daivari comes out and attack Kalisto with Enzo shouting that ‘you deserve it!’. Mustafa Ali eventually comes out to aid Kalisto beating down 5 guys until Enzo takes him down along with the rest on him and continuing the assault on both him and Kalisto.

Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose def. The Bar (Sheamus & Cesaro) defending the Raw Tag Team Titles

The Bar & Curtis Axel Promo


Axel gives a pep talk to the Bar after their loss revealing he will be the 5th man if Braun wins. Braun walks in and Axel says he needs this moment and it lies on him then goes on to say ‘in fact I’ll go a fight Roman Reigns right now’ but then back tracks saying he’s not ready. The Bar however convinces him.

Finn Balor Promo to Sister Abigail

Finn goes on and talks about monsters and says, ‘you may have your tricks but I have tricks too’ and then says, ‘my demon is dying to meet you’. That’s pretty much all that happened.

wwe raw

Mickie James & Bayley def. Emma & Alexa

Curtis Axel

Curtis Axel is shown finding the Shield then walking towards them then it cuts not showing what happens next. Miz is backstage wondering where Axel is and Braun says, ‘Axel said he wanted to beat up Reigns, I told him to go do it’

Mickie James Interview

Going on again about her ‘veteran status’ and talking about her little boy and saying the best feeling would be to take home the Women’s title back to her little boy becoming the 7-time champion.

Curtis Axel

Miz is seen looking for Curtis Axel, he finds him, hanging upside down hanging from a forklift. As you didn’t see the attack I am wondering if we will see an Axel face turn. As it seems too convenient.

Renee interview Miz and he claims that Axel was never the 5th man. So, who is??

Main Event: Steel Cage Match Braun Strowman def. Roman Reigns

Miz comes out and joins the commentary team.

Roman seems to ‘dominate’ as Roman does. Roman tries to escape the cage when the bar come to ring side to stop him. Even though they are banned. The Shield comes to stop them and they battle outside.

Meanwhile Braun catches Reign on the top of the cage and superplexes him off the cage.

Camera cuts to Ambrose & Rollins battling the Bar fighting towards the backstage area. Miz closes a shutter to keep Shield and the Bar outside fighting.

Miz returns to the commentary table.

After 2 superman punches Reigns attempts a spear which is counter with a faceplant and a pin. Roman kicks out.

Then something that couldn’t be predicted. Kane’s music hits. Reigns then hits a spear. Then as we’ve seen many times Kane comes up out of the ring and chokeslams Reigns twice.

Braun gets up and powerslams Roman and then followed by a Tombstone. Braun then pulls his straps down, picks up Reigns and then another powerslam.

Braun wins by pin fall.

It is then announced that Kane is the 5th member

wwe rawwwe raw

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