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Why Sami Why? – Hell in a Cell 2017 Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens vs. Shane McMahon faced off inside the Hell in a Cell as the final match on the PPV last night.

Key Spots of Hell in a Cell Main Event 2017

The match started as Shane McMahon hit a baseball slide as Kevin Owens was getting into the ring and spilling outside of the cage and to the ramp area. After a small amount of time, they made their way back into the ring and the referee locked the cage door.

Later in the match, steel steps and a table were used in the match. KO set up a table in the corner of the cage attempting to hit a cannonball off the apron, but McMahon moved and KO went straight through the table in spectacular fashion. Shane proceeded to hit KO with half of the table left in the carnage.

McMahon got back on offence and hit a coast to coast dropkick on a trashcan that was on top of KO. The referee counted but KO managed to get a foot on the rope. This was a massive error and botch in the match as it was No DQ, No Count Out and falls count anywhere. Clearly the ‘anywhere’ was not the case and the referee made an error there.

McMahon yelled at the referee to open the door but the referee refused, again the ‘anywhere’ was forgotten. So Shane McMahon grabbed bolt cutters from under the ring and cut the lock open. Eventually he did but it looked a struggle :D. They made their way over to the announcer’s table where clearly pre-planned holes were cut into the side of the cage. Owens jumped on the barricade and thought about hitting a frog splash on McMahon but then changed his mind and climbed up to the top of the cage. KO however hesitated on jumping off the top of the cell giving Shane O’Mac time to recover and join KO at the top of Hell in a Cell.

Fighting at the top of the cell

They fought on top of the cell for several minutes. KO even hit a pop up power bomb on top of the cell. If this was 1998 the cell would have caved in. KO tried to throw McMahon off the top of the cell but Shane put on the brakes stopping the attack. KO finally decided to climb back down but McMahon chased after him climbing down the cell next to KO. After a battle Shane kicked, punched and smashed KO’s head against the cell propelling KO down crashing through the announce table. Personally I think the fall could have been a little better and the spot needed something more.

Sami Zayn Heel Turn

The doctors came to KOs aid but Shane moved them out the way teasing a pin then looking up at the cell. McMahon picked up KO and placed him on a second announcers table. Shane climbed the cell a second time crossed himself and took the leap of the cell. The same as when he faced the Undertaker as Wreslemania and the same thing happened, KO had moved. However the replay showed that Sami Zayn pulled KO off the table before McMahon landed. Why Sami Why?!?!?!

Zayn dragged KO to Shane where the EMTs were checking on him. KO won the match thanks to Zayn. KO seemed confused as well and the announcers said that it didn’t look like Owens was aware of what Zayn did for him. I’m sure all will be explained on Tuesday Night on Smackdown Live!

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