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New Match for Survivor Series Announced, Raw Women’s Set, Replacement for Jason Jordan

New Match Announced for Survivor Series

As predicted last week, a new match has been announced for Survivor Series this Sunday.

After losing the Raw Tag Team titles last week on Raw and Roman Reigns returning this week. The Shield have challenged Smackdown Live’s New Day to a 3 on 3 match at Survivor Series. In which the New Day accepted with the below tweet during Raw. Calling the bout Unicorns vs Hounds, or pups!

Bayley completes the Raw Women’s Survivor Series team

On Raw we saw Bayley complete the Survivor Series women’s team when she won the triple threat match vs Dana Brooke & Mickie James. There were rumours ciculating that Paige would be the final member as she has been cleared to return.

Triple H joins team Raw

Jason Jordan was chosen as the final member of team Raw, much to the chagrin of the kayfabe critics, him being Kurt Angle son. During a match vs Bray Wyatt, Jason Jordan won the match, however after the match Bray attacked Jordan and injured his leg.

Towards the end of Raw Kurt Angle was forced to replace him, Jordan came out and the 2 shared an emotional moment in which Jordan pleaded with Kurt not to replace him. Stephanie McMahon came out and tried to encourage Kurt to just tell him. Kurt was still hesitating until Triple H’s music hit.

Triple H came out and said ‘If you can’t do it, I will’ and went on to say the person replacing Jason Jordan would be him. He then went on to pedigree Jordan and walked to the back.

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