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WWE TLC 2017 Results

Sasha Banks def. Alicia Fox (WWE TLC Kick Off Match)   WWE TLC kicks off with Sasha vs Alicia and this match went just as I predicted. There were a few good spots and some bad falls and slams by Sasha Banks. Alicia went full on psychopath during the match, kicking off at the referee multiple times. Sasha got Alicia in the Bank Statement for the tapout victory. Asuka def. Emma Another match exactly as I predicted. Though Asuka took more bumps than I expected and Emma seemed to dominate…

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WWE TLC 2017 Predictions

Sasha Banks vs. Alicia Fox (WWE TLC Kickoff Match) As part of WWE TLC Kickoff this Sunday. After the attack by Alicia Fox, Sasha Banks will go one-on-one with Alicia Fox. What will happen when Miss Fox takes on the four-time Raw Women’s Champion? Personally I think this should be an easy victory for Sasha Banks, as Alicia Fox has never had a push with the company and for Alicia to win at a PPV would be ridiculous. However saying that Sasha has a history of losing matches at PPV…

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