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Emma is Released from WWE Contract

Emma is released from WWE

The following was published on saying that Emma is released from her WWE Contract

WWE has come to terms on the releases of WWE Superstars Emma, Darren Young and Summer Rae.

WWE wishes them the best in all of their future endeavors

This is a big shock as Emma faced Asuka and, even though she lost, she was looking very impressive at TLC. She has also received a slight push as of late against multiple superstars.

Emma is Released

Emma, 28-year-old, began training in Australia at 13 years old at Lance Storm’s Wrestling Academy before eventually getting signed by WWE in 2011. Emma was in FCW and NXT untilbeing brought up to the main roster as a babyface in 2014 as Santino Marella’s friend/mascot that liked to pop bubbles.

There was an idea to give her a makeover a sort of a throwback to some of the Divas from the Attitude Era, Emmalina, but that was scrapped and she returned as a serious heel. Recently she was scripted to talk about how she hasn’t been given opportunities and how she started the women’s revolution.

Emma’s Response

She responded to her release with a simple tweet:

Obviously heartbroken so she could not have asked for the release, this is obviously WWE releasing a number of talented superstars for no reason. Emma will be missed.

There was speculation that she would end up feuding with Paige but that is obviously not happening now since she is gone from WWE. Paige replied with a tweet.

Also in the ‘mass firing’ was Summer Rae & Darren Young who have already been absent for WWE TV for a while anyway. Young recently returned on their ‘B’ shows after being sidelined with an injury. Summer Rae hasn’t appeared on WWE television since last year.

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